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Adana Food Tech (Liuzhou) Co., Ltd. is a well-known private joint-stock listed enterprise that operates professional food additives with advanced technology, setting up by production, and establishing with technology, industrial and trade. Adana Food Tech also operates manufacturing, marketing, servicing and research and development of other sophisticated and professional chemical products. Stock Abbreviation of Adana is Adana Food Tech, and the stock code of Adana is 430535.

Adana Food Tech (Liuzhou) Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of producing the series of emulsifier sucrose ester products in China. The recent series of products in Adana are the products of sucrose fatty acid ester, seasoning, the products of compound emulsifier, the products of compound stabilizers, the products of phosphate, the products of dairy flavors and food grade titanium dioxide. The sales network of Adana has covered most of areas in China, as well as some places in Europe and North America. The sales volume of main product of Adana has become the leading product in domestic market.

The second factory of Adana Liuzhou will be located in the Luo Wei industry, Yu Feng area Liuzhou. This factory is going to focus on the professional production of compound emulsifier and the specialized production line of enzyme preparation, and both series of products are going to complete and put into production in the near future. It covers 30 mu base and workshop, and it occupies 27,405 square meters.   

Adana Liuzhou enters rice industry and rice processing industry formally by merged Best Land (Rice Industry), and Adana Liuzhou cooperates with the rice brand of Ji Lan in Shu Lan city, Ji Lin province during 29th January 2016. Adana Liuzhou is going to establish a collectivization enterprise- Adana Food Tech. As the platform of collectivization enterprise, Adana focuses on the integration of investment, production, scientific research, trade, technology and consulting services, which is a large food organization that concentrates on ‘Technology, Health, Fashion and Professional’.

Adana advocates ‘professional, realistic, pragmatic and innovation, to the quality strives for the survival, to the market demand as the guide, with scientific management as guarantee, to customer satisfaction as the standard’ of the enterprise culture; Promoting humanist value idea, the good faith as the base, innovation goes all out to achieve Win-Win development with employees in the future.

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